Here are a few easy tips that you can follow at home in order to ensure the best conditions for your cooler and an optimum level of hygiene for your family.

* Always keep the coolers in a clean and odorless area.

* Avoid keeping waste bins near the coolers as pathogens (disease causing bacteria) may enter to the cooler through the environment.

* Cooler should not be placed in areas where the equipment has the potential to become contaminated with chemicals, bacteria, radiation or other harmful substances.

* Coolers should be kept away from direct sunlight, as heat will work as incubator for microbes to grow.

* Avoid keeping water in the tank for a long period (two weeks or more) as stagnate water can cause contamination.

Wash hands thoroughly before touching the water dispensing parts of the cooler. Coolers can be contaminated with bacteria that originate from non-sanitary practices.

* Do not touch the faucets with your hands or any items such a drinking cups or small water bottles that have come in contact with your mouth.

* Always cover the cooler if there is no bottle, to protect against physical and microbiological contamination.

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Taking Care of Your Cooler at Home