Q: I know my weekly delivery day, but I forgot to leave my bottles and coupons outside. What should I do?

A: Email Customer Service before noon with your Customer Code and the number of bottles required to request an extra delivery. The email address is oasis.h2o@nfpc.net Alternatively, call Customer Service on your local number.

If you call or email before noon, you will receive your extra delivery the same day. Calls and emails received after 12:00 will be delviered the next business day (Saturday - Thursday).

Q: Iam not home when my delivery arrives and I dont want to leave cash outside. Is there an alternative?

A: You can use coupons to pay for your water which is safer than leaving cash. You can ask for coupons to be delivered to your home or office and use them for your home delivery.

Q: My cooler is leaking, what should I do?

A: Remove the bottle from the cooler and drain the water out through the taps. Place the bottle back on the cooler. Is it still leaking? Call Oasis Customer Service who will send a Cooler Technichian to assist you.

Q: Can you send me your water specifications?

A: Yes, simply send an email with your request to oasis.h2o@nfpc.net

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