The manufacturing facilities of WPI have been designed and maintained to reflect our organizations commitment to Total Quality Management and Good Manufacturing Practices. The loyalty and contagious enthusiasm of our customers has made it possible for us to continuously develop our knowledge and passion of the water industry.


This is the newer of the 2 Oasis factories in the UAE and was built in 1997. The first 5 Gallon line installed was a fully automated production unit with a 2,000 bottle per hour capacity. With the unprecedented Sales growth, an expansion to the existing factory was started in 2004. This expansion to the factory saw an increase in size by 216%. A second, fully automated 5 gallon production line was ordered and installed in 2005.

The combined output capacity of 5 gallon in Dubai is now 5,000 bottles per hour. This new modern line is the only production unit in the Middle East to use Robot technology for the loading and offloading of the 5 gallon bottles from the bottle racks. This production line is currently the biggest single line in the world, in terms of production capacity, with a design capacity of 100,000 bottles per day.

In 1984, this was the first Oasis Water factory to be built in the UAE. Initially the 5 Gallon production line had a capacity of 400 bottles per hour. This very soon became too small to cope with the Sales demand, and a new modern, fully automated 5 gallon line was commissioned in 2002.

The production capacity of this new line is 2,000 bottles per hour. In 2007 production will be going into 24 hours per day operation to keep up with the
growing Sales demand.

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