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Every BODY's clear favourite drinking water.
In 1984, Oasis becomes the first company to introduce 5 Gallon bottle in the UAE. We now have the largest distribution fleet in the country to make sure your water is delivered on time, every time.
Clean, healthy drinking water. It is what our company was built on, and it is our number one priority today. We were the first bottled water company member in the UAE to become a permanent member of the International Bottled Water Association (IBWA). We consider this a major achievement, as they monitor their members to the strictest international standards.
Delivery of Oasis water and coolers is free to your home or office, anywhere in the UAE! Every single bottle of Oasis water is the result of a meticulous and exacting process. Using very sophisticated technology, each 5 Gallon poly carbonate bottle is thoroughly washed and sanitised before filling by means of a painstaking 24 step process.
We have recently been awarded Best Customer Awards from Dubai and Abu Dhabi Municipality, for our high quality standard in both production facilities. We have been frequent receivers of the Sheikh Khalifa Award, which recognises product quality and customer satisfaction. We are also the first bottle- water company in the UAE to be awarded three major certification: HACCP, IBWA and ISO.

Oasis Coolers
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Oasis Water Delivery in the UAE
Call 600 5222 61 for free home delivery of water in the UAE. Both PET bottles and 5 Gallons delivered directly to your door step!